Mental Health Support

As a parent/caregiver, juggling the roles and responsibilities of career, family life and parenting is challenging. Often you may find yourself neglecting your own needs. In order to take care of your children it is important to take care of yourself first. Visit LAUSD website for more useful parent/care giver self-care tips and mental health resources.


If you or your child are experiencing a psychiatric emergency, please seek immediate assistance by calling 911 or
the 24/7 ACCESS line of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health at (800) 854-7771.


LAUSD Student Mental Health Support    (213) 241-3840
* Open over the summer, weekdays 8AM - 5PM *
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline    (800) 273-8255
Suicide Prevention Crisis Line   (877) 727-4747

Student Mental Health Support